Friday, 10 June 2011

Once again it begins

So, hi there.

I'm re-re-rejoining the blogging world, and this time, I'm thinking it'll stick. And why is that you ask?

Well, the first time, I was blogging about personal stuff, and sometimes, personal stuff is just too personal for the internet, so I stopped.

Then, I blogged about gaming. I love gaming, I still game regularly and some of the content on here may end up being game related. BUT, I also work in the games industry, and you shouldn't really shit where you eat (speaking of which, my first game as a designer, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, is out now, go take a look ;))

So, here I am again. This time, I'm blogging about something I can't possibly lose interest in. FOOD. yummy, glorious food.

A bit of background. Before about two months ago, I could cook two meals from scratch. I loved food, but I didn't really understand it. So, I decided to learn. No I didn't take cookery classes, or indeed ask anyone. I just started googling ingredients I knew I liked, followed some recipes, edited some others, and dug right in.

So I figured, wouldn't it be cool if some other people could come along with me while I learn how to prepare food for myself? And that brings us here, to Food: It's What's for Dinner.

Because I'm learning, and figuring out my limits, I generally cook about four new things a week at the moment. Every time I cook a new thing, up the recipe goes. Along with how it tastes, the mistakes I made, and some pictures of what non photographer prepared cooking looks like. As it goes, I figure I will learn what I enjoy and cook less new stuff. My mission is this: to cook at least one new dish ever week for a year. So that's from now until June 2012.

Which means this blog has a shelf-life of at least a year, which isn't too shabby for me! As I go, I want to hear anything you have to say, things you'd like me to try, or even what I'm doing wrong. Yes I'm doing this for my own benefit (if only to have all the recipes in one place), but I also want it to be interesting for other people to read.

First dish coming up, first one I managed to photograph anyway. And welcome! Hope you enjoy

Roisi x

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